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Nature immersions and Creativity

“I would love to live like a river flows, carried by the surprise of its own unfolding.” ― John O’Donohue

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My Story

“People protect what they love.” – Jacques Cousteau

Clare has always felt most at home in the natural world. It’s a deep seated passion and love. Her other great passion is with the arts, creativity and the transformative power they hold. She is also a keen meditator and began looking at ancient texts and practises as a young person trying to find her self!


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Clare is a brilliant teacher with an enthusiastic, uplifting and caring energy. I highly recommend this course.

Laura, Therapist, Journeys with Nature four week course.

The weather was a little challenging however I am very glad I pushed through. Clare’s gentle direction and the group support enabled me to feel very connected and alive in the woodlands this morning.

Jacqueline, Writer, Journeys with Nature four week course.

It was a real pleasure to have met Clare yesterday and to be introduced to such a nourishing practice. I felt totally comforted easing into the guided walk and was brought more fully into the present moment with each passing moment. Despite having given meditation a good go for sometime previously, and having a keen interest in Mindfulness, I was pleasantly surprised with how fresh the exercises were to me and just how accessible each one was.

I also became increasingly more compassionate towards myself the further into the walk I went and it was just the type of healing I was searching for at that time. Coming into it feeling fairly fragile I was rewarded with leaving with a bit more of an inner strength and gratitude for the day. I would be very glad to be a part of this practice again in the next available one.

Chris support worker, Halifax. 

I felt my inner critic was preventing me from being in the moment and enjoying the practice at first. Clare helped me by naming the inner critic which meant I was able to acknowledge those inner thoughts and put them to one side and move on with the practice.

Ella, Occupational Therapist, Calderdale

Lovely experience with Clare from start to finish. I would definitely recommend it- so insightful!

Sharan, Pharmacist, Calderdale

It was an incredible experience.  Being in a place that’s so familiar to me yet it feels so new because we were paying a lot of attention, moving slowly and mindfully through the woods. It was also a  lovely group of people, well held by Clare. A beautiful chance to deeply explore the woodland, highly recommended!

Alex, Teacher, Hebden Bridge.


“Pull a thread here and you’ll find its attached to the rest of the world.” – Nadeem Aslam

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