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April 21, 2021

I have been fortunate to kindle many relationships with beings across the landscape where I live. This be Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. God’s country! Rambling out, a couple of times a day, taking it slowly has allowed me to drop further into my body and become as a result more aware. A sense of mindful awareness can be cultivated when we drop into our bodies as we walk slowly along the lines of the land. From this place of being I find I can open up more to myself and the nature around me. The senses are enlivened … things are good.

Partnership and reciprocity go hand in hand. When Robin comes over to say hello, my body relaxes even further and I as a result open up to this other being. I listen in. I guess you could call this the gift of our attention. The more I practise this type of listening, as a result I deepen relationships with the more-than-human-world to coin the ecologist’s David Abrams term. Naturally then my care and love for this incredible planet booms.  Home. The mother (ship).

Recently, over the second lockdown, I’ve been creating and producing a bundle of sounds, some words and a harmony or two. Here be one for you to have a listen … more will be appearing on the Sound portal over the coming months.

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