A new commitment to a daily river or dam immersion, whatever the weather, is very alive in me this month. Eek 😉

The River has been a refuge, a sanctuary over the last few years as I recovered from a illness that knocked me sideways and more. I’ve learnt a lot from these cold water moments: including- the importance of allowing the flow of life, allowing emotions to move through me, knowing there is a way, a way of gentleness when decidedly tricky barriers appear in my life. Keep flowing, keep moving, and allow.

There is also a romantic wildness with River. Emily Dickinson encapsulates this beautifully in her unusually short poem (see below).

Plunging into cold waters is an adrenalin fuelled healthful micro- adventure. See you down by the River!


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My River runs to thee.
Blue sea, wilt thou welcome me?
My river awaits reply.
Oh! Sea, look graciously.

I’ll fetch thee brooks
From spotted nooks.
Say, sea,
Take me!

Emily Dickinson