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Green Occupation

June 20, 2021

I felt honoured one Monday morning of late when my buddies over at Greenhouse Culture asked me to produce content for their first “takeover”.

So what may be a green arty takeover? I hear you ponder ! Well according to Ashleigh Downey, founder of GC:

Greenhouse Culture Takeover is a space for green thinkers to invade. We welcome a different point of view, and invite artists, educators, philosophers, activists, ecologists, scientist, nature lovers, concerned parents, and all those in between, to offer their insights and inspirations on the current environmental crisis. Each month, sharing their current meanderings; from books of interest, to quotes, thoughts, music, sound, visual materials, podcasts, poems quotes, and any manor or other relevant findings…

So here be my personal contribution, I compiled a selection of works, mainly my own with some accompaniments. May it bring some calm and inspiration to you… and do please check out the GC website, they are leading some truly important work across the waters in old Eire.

Wild Occupy : Artist Takeover


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