Photography courtesy of Ana Paula

As we blustered into the darker months of Autumn some highly positive news landed in my inbox one morning. Calderdale council, my local authority, announced a grant they had recently received. This grant was a core fund to enable practioners across the region to offer their services for public and third sector workers. Essentially a way to say big thanks, immense gratitude for the support they have provided for thousands of  residents across Calderdale.

I applied to become a contracted practioner and was successful 🙂

This has meant a diverse and broad section of society have been now able to access my offerings, for no charge. I must admit this model makes me happy. For many years I worked in the third sector, obtaining funding for young people so they could be enriched through ambitious creative programs. This mode of operatus fits my ethos and vision then and still now. Social change is the driver for everything I do.

The natural world, the environment and social change sit within each other. Like all aspects of this living organism, there is deep interconnectedness. Taking place all day, all night, between all chains of activity.

It is my hope and intention, that by guiding a wide mix of people into the woods for healing, connection, restoration etc that we will all further invest into the protection of Nature, the planet.  I am writing a wee post on the first official day of the COP26 summit in Glasgow, so I guess it couldn’t be more timely. Let us live in hope, as the Buddhist activist Joanna Macy calls it – Active Hope.