We offer 4,6 and 8-week mindfulness courses for school aged children. The courses are designed to support children in dealing with their emotions, building resilience, heightening creativity and problem solving. At the heart of our courses is the understanding that a mindful child is a happier child. The courses are fun, insightful and engaging. Children will learn formal and informal mindfulness practises. Please note these programs can be tailored both in content and duration to suit your needs.

The Mindfulness in Schools Programme.

This is our cornerstone programme. This programme can be adapted to suit other environments outside of the classroom. The aim of Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP) is to bring mindfulness to children and those who care for them in order to advance their wellbeing and resilience.

The programme is entitled Paws.b. This stands for ‘Stop, Breathe and Be!’ Paws b is an innovative and inspiring program. It has been designed to support young people by using mindfulness practices. Paws b focuses on training the mind and body. Clinical research and trials have found that by practicing mindfulness one can increase one’s concentration levels,
feelings of self- worth, happiness and emotional self-regulation.

This programme will provide a toolbox for children and young people, so that they may live a full and satisfying life. Paws b is a classroom-based mindfulness curriculum for 6-12-year olds. It is usually delivered within the school day though it can also work as part of an after-school club provision.

It is made up of 6 themes that can be delivered over 6 weeks (one-hour sessions) or 12 weeks (30-minute sessions). These themes include topics focused on concentration, the story-telling mind and the mechanics of resilience building.

The curriculum was co-developed by teachers with students from Ysgol Pen Y Bryn in North Wales alongside a senior mindfulness teacher and trainer with the Centre for Mindfulness.