“The size of the place that one becomes a member of is limited only by the size of one’s heart.” – Gary Snyder

It was a real pleasure to have met Clare yesterday and to be introduced to such a nourishing practice. I felt totally comforted easing into the guided walk and was brought more fully into the present moment with each passing moment. Despite having given meditation a good go for sometime previously, and having a keen interest in Mindfulness, I was pleasantly surprised with how fresh the exercises were to me and just how accessible each one was.

I also became increasingly more compassionate towards myself the further into the walk I went and it was just the type of healing I was searching for at that time. Coming into it feeling fairly fragile I was rewarded with leaving with a bit more of an inner strength and gratitude for the day. I would be very glad to be a part of this practice again in the next available one.

Chris support worker, Halifax.

 I felt my inner critic was preventing me from being in the moment and enjoying the practice at first. Clare helped me by naming the inner critic which meant I was able to acknowledge those inner thoughts and put them to one side and move on with the practice.

Ella, Occupational Therapist, Calderdale

It was an incredible experience.  Being in a place that’s so familiar to me yet it feels so new because we were paying a lot of attention, moving slowly and mindfully through the woods. It was also a  lovely group of people, well held by Clare. A beautiful chance to deeply explore the woodland, highly recommended!

Alex, Teacher, Hebden Bridge.

I first experienced a virtual Forest Bathing walk with Clare as it was during lockdown.  I was then fortunate enough to be able to join Clare yesterday on my first in-person Forest Bathing walk. I absolutely loved it. It felt for me, a very freeing, safe & nurturing space to be in. Just what I needed right now. Clare holds the space throughout whilst gently calling you back after inviting you to spend time alone with nature.  It felt good to be in the company of like-minded people whilst feeling the experience was uniquely my own to then share with the rest of the group if I so wished.  It is a space I definitely want to return to again & I am grateful to Clare for being there to offer just that.

Janet, Resident, Hebden Bridge.

What a total blessing ! I really needed that, time to slow down and really drop out of the thinking mind. This is a highly restorative practise. Time spent like this in Nature is what we so badly need. Check it out for yourself!

Tracey, Keyworker, Halifax.

It was my first virtual forest walk guided by an ANFT certified guide and it exceeded my expectations! Clare invited us to explore the nature around us through four different approaches (scent, movement, treasure hunt, transition) and it was thoroughly enjoyable. I felt her warmth and welcoming from the tone of her voice and sensed a free spirit in her. She shared a poem and a song/harmony and made everyone feel safe to share theirs (poem read by Alex and my singing).

It was beautiful to see our lights reflecting through zoom screen!

Kumi, Hong Kong.

Thank you for yesterday – I found it very soothing and enjoyable. I’ve always loved the lilt of an Irish accent, and your warmth came through the screen so beautifully, it made for a very special St Patrick’s nature therapy. I did enjoy being able to hear the birds in your garden – it made me feel like I really was in the great outdoors, instead of in my kitchen! By the end of the tea ritual, I was really smiling and felt revived. Thank you!

Lucy, Paris.

I felt incredibly relaxed during the virtual forest bathing… what a wonderful experience! I gained back a real strong connection to the earth that I had been missing, I am very grateful for this. The experience left me feeling grounded,  joyful and lighter. Clare is a truly amazing and caring facilitator, I would totally recommend this to everyone. 

Bev, Nurse and Yoga Teacher  East Yorkshire

I joined Clare for a remote Forest therapy walk and found the whole experience incredibly relaxing. She is a brilliant guide with such a soft calming voice which made it easy to relax. The invitations she gave really helped me to connect to nature and the session ended with a beautiful tea ceremony. Thank you Clare for such a lovely experience, I hope to join you again in the future.

Fleur, forest therapy guide, Manchester

I would whole heartedly recommend Forest Therapy walks to everyone. Despite it being conducted remotely, Clare is able to create a profound, sensory experience that provides the space for you to connect with nature. Her own deep love and connection with the natural world is evident, as is her engaging and fun personality.

Michael, Co Wicklow, Ireland

Try it for yourself, you just may be amazed at what you experience. Clare is a warm & friendly, intuitive teacher who is there to support & guide you on your own journey.

Janet, Brighouse, UK

Clare was very warm and welcoming. The highlight for me was awareness of being connected to people being in nature on very different locations around Europe, and finding all kinds of beauty very close to home.

Martin, The Netherlands.

It was a lovely experience to be guided by Clare. She made me feel welcomed and held space for all the participants in an inclusive way. Beautiful walk, thank you.

Prisca, Brighton, UK

It’s amazing to immerse oneself in the forest with a therapy guide. It is rejuvenating for the mind and the soul.

Daniella, Vienna, Austria

A pure, calm, and connected experience. Well worth the time! I was amazed at how I could feel my senses becoming more alert with each invitation. I could taste the air, hear the far away sounds, yet at the same time found myself fully grounded in my feet. A truly beautiful experience, one I hope to do again…

Ashleigh, Co Wicklow, Ireland

A beautiful and engaging time amidst the most glorious of woodland, an experience that will stay with you for weeks after.

Tom, Phd student.

I feel a lot more open after the Forest Bathing experience, I have more space inside and I feel a lot calmer. I also got a lot from the creative aspects of the morning, I loved the drawing/ doodling exercises. Clare was an excellent guide, kind and very warm. Strongly recommend it.

Trudy, Mother and Artist, Hebden Bridge.

It’s a wonderful way to slow down and personally connect with nature, allowing the richness of the world to become more present. Clare was organised, friendly and helpful. Thank you!

John, resident, Hebden Bridge.

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to join Clare on one of her walks at Hardcastle Crags. The forest has always been my favourite place to explore and Clare really showed me a different way to enjoy it. I really enjoyed Clare’s fun and easy going attitude, she instantly put me at ease with her great sense of humour and charming Irish accent. Upon joining the group I immediately felt welcome, safe and able to relax without fear of judgement. Clare explained some wonderful history of the location and it made me feel that bit more connected with my surroundings. When we dropped into our bodies in the first practise, I immediately felt awash with a calm and serene energy. I knew it was safe to surrender myself to the forest and allow it to nourish me with what I needed in that moment.

Every invitation/activity was explained clearly and calmly, and Clare also made it very clear that sharing was always optional, and she just wanted us to benefit from the overall experience. The other ladies on the walk were very friendly and it made the experience even more enjoyable. I would highly recommend joining Clare on a walk as the space she facilitates allows you to reconnect with yourself and nature on a truly deep and wonderful level. Thank you!

Kayla, self-employed, Todmorden.

I found the practices extremely helpful to slow down, ground myself and commune with nature. In particular it felt Heart opening to connect with my ancestors through the surrounding tree’s which made the experience more tangible and assisted in the process. The approach to mindful marking was extremely refreshing and helped soften my conditioning towards creativity. All in all the experience was very positive and left me feeling much lighter.

Martin, web developer, Todmorden.

The experience was eye opening, it allows you to feel more acutely your own feelings and surroundings. I came away feeling more peaceful. Thank you Clare !

Dina, nurse, Todmorden.

I would 100% recommend this experience to others, Clare was friendly and welcoming, she has excellent knowledge of the area. The invitations were thought provoking and allowed us to engage with nature with a heightened sense of awareness. Thank you for this opportunity Clare!

Sarah, therapist, Manchester.

Lovely experience with Clare from start to finish. I would definitely recommend it- so insightful!

Sharan, Pharmacist, Calderdale

I found Clare really great at explaining to us the principles of forest bathing, giving us guidance while allowing for freedom, for us to explore and overall making this a beautiful simple experience.

Bertille, program designer, Hebden Bridge.



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