“The attitudes of mindfulness were a revelation on the MBSR course.  Using Beginner’s Mind helped me to overcome anxiety in situations which had previously triggered it.  Also the sound meditation really helped me to relate to sounds as simple events which I didn’t have to connect with, rather than be overwhelmed by them when in a noisy or distracting environment.  The practices I learned have become part of my daily routine to ease my way forwards in life.”

Angela Devereux-Fitzgerald, PhD student

June 2018


“I really enjoyed this Mindful Drawing workshop. It has helped me to recognise where I’m at on a personal level of late. The practice of drawing with my eyes closed was definitely easier and more conscientious than with my eyes open. This technique brought to my awareness the emotions I have not been looking at of late.

As a teacher you were respectful, confident and catered for us all. Definitely worth pursuing, feels great to link mindfulness and art together.”

Lucy Wilson

April 2018.


“I was drawn to do this course with my mother by way of helping her to access the benefits of meditation. What I gained was something more personal to myself as well as having the deeply moving experience of seeing my mother find ways through her anxiety and live a much more peaceful life. It was nothing short of inspirational.

The practices of mindfulness taught by Clare have helped me to remain centered throughout my days (or at least for most of the day) and allowed me to feel calm and peaceful no matter what was going on outside myself. It has particularly helped me to access and stay with my feelings of anxiety and deep sadness in relation to the loss of my sister. This has been quite transformative and though emotional it felt very releasing. I also enjoyed the interactions and the nurturing and support of the other course participants.

There was a lot of love and support in our little room each Wednesday evening and that encouraged me to stay the course. I have nothing but gratitude for this period in my life and would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to master their negative thought processes and emotions and live a fuller life, safe in the present moment with peace and calm at the center of it.

Thank you, Clare for all of your enthusiasm, energy and commitment to seeing us through the process.”

Caroline Mitchel,


July 2017.

“This course has had a great impact on me and I feel proud of being able to meditate on a daily basis. I am hoping now to keep this up for the rest of my life. I also feel more confident in myself in joining other classes in the future and hope to find a beginner’s yoga class in my area.

Clare was an inspiration to me and I found her teaching style and manner to be very friendly, welcoming and easy to follow. I am grateful at being given the opportunity to do this course and once again would like to say a big thank you to Clare. It has been truly life changing.”

Pat Mitchell,

Retired child-minder and foster-carer,

July 2017

“As a teacher I felt that you brought lots of enthusiasm and passion to the training which was apparent throughout and it was great that you shared personal insights from your journey with these practices. I really loved your choice of poems and I also felt that the course was delivered with a good balance of seriousness and fun, thank you.”

Madeline Smith

Trainee Yoga therapist,

July 2017

“Participating on the MBSR course with Clare was an incredible experience.  It provided me with a deep insight and increased awareness of my ability to accept challenges of everyday life including my grief.  Very quickly I started to respond more positively to many stressful and anxiety inducing situations. I found the time given to mindfulness practices, the exercises and advice that Clare has offered throughout the course to be of immense value.

The course not only helped me but also has been beneficial to my family and friends. Overall the course has been very constructive, always relevant and well prepared. I highly, recommend it to anyone who is seeking some answers about themselves and looking for peace and tranquility in the challenging world that we live in.”

Basia, Production Assistant

December 2016

“I found the MBSR to be extremely useful. It is a month or so since we completed it and I am still meditating regularly and am feeling the benefits of incorporating a regular practice into my life.

I began the course feeling quite stressed and at times angry and felt quite resistant to committing so much time to the process. I appreciated the way you acknowledged this resistance in me but also didn’t let me off the hook. It was helpful to have a little bit of pressure to encourage me to persevere.

I enjoyed the variety of the practices combined with the readings and poems. This helped to keep the course interesting and provided us with different approaches to reflect upon and learn from.

The day long silent practice was a watershed moment for me. It was my first experience of an extended period of meditation and I found it inspiring and exciting to know that the feeling of calm, openness and expansiveness I experienced is within me and can be accessed again with some time and commitment. It is this experience which has propelled me forward on this journey.

The course gave me an excellent framework and structure for re-discovering my mindfulness practice and was a challenging and insightful process. I would love to do the course again in a year or so and see what I learn from it next time. Thanks so much for encouraging me to do it and for sharing your experience with me.”

Hilary Turley


December 2016